The key to the development of the modern company is the human factor. Only with a strong human resource combination can we seek the long-term and stable development of the company. Shenyong people adhere to "people-oriented" management model, for different types of talent to provide a broad platform for the development of the company has a strong power advantage.
Business philosophy: true classics, from the long-term efforts and intentions!
Employee orientation -- we respect and train our employees, encourage them to participate in the management of the enterprise, provide a broad space for their development, promote the promotion of excellence and avoid their relatives, and encourage people at all levels to be Frank and open.

Customer respect-the customer is always right, we are all for the satisfaction of the guests, and we ask the department's managers to directly face the customer communication, understand the customer's needs, to better provide the customer value service. We create a strong cultural atmosphere, let the guests feel like the warmth of home.
Stick to our jobs -- we aim to deliver high quality products to our customers. Pursuing "honesty, optimism, health, upward" work and life attitude.
Development comes first -- we are based on the pursuit of development. Think of the realization of "100 years of courage" as a long-term goal, this 100 years of brand plan as a relay marathon, advocating that every employee, every manager in their own posts to do their best with  performance.

Today, we will continue to use our sincerity, the heart to do better, so that the best friends in your life, so that the spirit of the company culture is communicate with we and you.
The aim: to provide full service to users with honesty and wisdom.
Values: Professional because of persistence.

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